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I never dreamed that I would became a photographer. It all happened by accident 4 years a go I started with photography and since then I never stopped. It has been a long process and journey. One that needs constant learning and updating in the photography field. I enjoyed each steps of the process and I am always trying to be better.


I love the process of a photography job--from getting booked, the first discussion, answering questions, giving ideas, until the final session date. I realize how truly important the photo session is for my client, and how eager they are to see the final pictures. This job is about communication. It's about capturing the memories that my clients cherish for the rest of their lives and making it beautiful for them. And it is actually more than that. To get those beautiful images, the client need to be at ease and comfortable during the session. It is my job to communicate with them so that they look naturally beautiful in the pictures. I want my clients to have fun during the photo session.


My favorite setting is outdoors with plenty of natural light. But it is not limited to that--my studio is open and located in the lower level of my home in North Hills, Long Island NY. Since I am an artist I have the advantage of creating my own backdrop. I do not want my clients to feel that studio photography is boring with only a black and white backdrop. Thanks to my painting skills, I have created a backdrop with different colors and brush strokes conducive to fine art studio photography.


As mentioned I am also an artist and I love staying at home painting, cooking and working on home decor. When I am not taking pictures for my clients, it is likely that I am painting art in my studio at home. Painting and photography are similar--in photography we take picture using light and in art we painting using water color, acrylic, oil or ink on a canvas or paper. Both have important elements of design; composition, colors and texture. All of them are things I love to use to create beautiful art/photos.


I graduate from Fashion Institute of Technology New York in Fine Art and Fabric Styling. I am creative and crafty. Using my two hands I constantly create something. Beside painting, I love to sew. Some of the maternity gown worn by a client showing on my gallery were made and sewn by me. I truly enjoy being at home create something beautiful and useful for my own use or for photography props.


I am currently living in Long Island with my husband, Steven. My only son "Buck" is working and resides in Jakarta, Indonesia.


I hope to see you wherever your photo session may be.


Thank you for reading!